The benefits of the blackberries for the skin
The benefits of the blackberries for the skin

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The benefits of the blackberries for the skin

We don't have a habit of eating blackberries often and we don't usually know what are their benefits for the skin and for the organism in general. 

The blackberries improve the blood's quality and the blood's circulation of the face and of the body, they improve the immune system and they're powerful antioxidants. 

The blackberries are also rich with vitamins, which improve the skin's structure. 



- The anti - aging effect of the blackberries. The blackberries are powerful antioxidants which have an anti - aging effect on the skin. The antioxidants do a natural lifting on the skin.

The blackberries contain vitamin C which has an anti - aging effect and which improves the structure of the mature skin.


- The blackberries are very nourishing. The blackberries are rich with iron, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Not only that they improve the immunity system in general, but they also improve the skin's immunity system and nourish the skin profoundly. 

Before consuming them, just like the raspberries, you need to wash them with cold water, in order not to change their structure.


- The blackberries improve the micro-circulation. The blackberries improve both, the body's circulation and the micro-circulation of the face. An active micro-circulation is very important in order to have a glowing skin without acne and without pimples. The micro-circulation purifies the skin profoundly and the skin can breathe. The micro-circulation gives oxygen to the skin cells. 


- Blackberry oil to enjoy in all the blackberries benefits. The blackberry oil is used to repair the skin on the face. This oil is a powerful antioxidant, has anti - aging effects on the skin, improves the micro-circulation and purifies and nourishes the skin profoundly. 

You can use this oil in order to improve the condition of the wrinkles around the eyes.


- The persons with a mature skin should consume blackberries. Because the blackberries have anti - aging virtues, the persons with a mature skin have to consume them in order to enjoy in their benefits for the skin. 

The persons with an oily skin can also benefit from the blackberries as they improve the micro-circulation.