The benefits of the black mask
The benefits of the black mask

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The benefits of the black mask

The black masks are very popular nowadays. They are consisted of vitamins, charcoal, menthol etc.

The charcoal is a natural product which cleanses, purifies and eliminates the impurities of the skin.

Why to pay a lot at a cosmetician when you can eliminate the blackheads and the acne at home.

This is why the black mask is very effective:



  1. The mask can be used by everybody. Generally, this mask is meant to eliminate the blackheads and acne, but it can also be used by everybody. This mask is suitable for all the skin types because its main ingredient is the charcoal which has ingredients that cleanse the skin from the impurities of the pollution.


  1. The mask eliminates the extra sebum. This is why it is especially recommended for an oily skin. The charcoal has antibacterial and regenerative properties which prevent the occurrence of blackheads and acne.


  1. The mask smooths the skin. The pores are clogged during the day because of the pollution and because of the makeup, so the mask unclogs them by purifying the skin profoundly.


  1. The activated charcoal slows down the skin aging. This type of charcoal has a very airy structure thanks to which it has a very strong absorption power.


  1. The mask can be used on a daily basis. The charcoal doesn’t disturb the natural process of hydration of the epidermis.


  1. It is very easy to apply the mask. The mask has a bigger effect on open pores. You apply the mask on the whole face without applying on the eye and on the mouth area. You wait for 25 – 30 minutes and you take it off. Don’t forget to hydrate the skin afterwards.


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