The benefits of the apple for the skin
The benefits of the apple for the skin

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The benefits of the apple for the skin

Someone once said: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

The apple is consisted of 85% water. If you eat it, it can provide the sufficient hydration to your skin and organism.

The apple should be consumed by the persons who do sport, because its other half (10 - 12%) is consisted of sugar which is completely without danger for the diabetics. 



- Eat the apple's skin to nourish your skin. It's the apple's skin which is the most important if you want to benefit from the apple. The apple's skin is consisted of different vitamins, magnesium, mineral salts, phosphorus and potassium.

The magnesium is good for the bones and the teeth. The mineral salts and the vitamins are good for the skin. Because the content of the apple is 85% water, your skin will be renewed and well hydrated. 


- The anti - aging effect of the apple. The apple contains anti - oxidants which help the skin produce collagen which is essential for the healing process of the skin's tissues. The free radicals, which are part of the apple, protect the skin from the sun, because the UV rays cause premature skin aging.


- The apple seed oil for a dry skin. The apple seed oil is a natural toner which treats the dry, old and tired skin. You can change your regular toner with the apple seed oil in order to give a natural treatment to your skin. If you don't want to eat apples, this oil can give you all of the benefits for the skin.


- Do a detox with the apples. When in the organism there are a lot of accumulated toxins, the skin is not able to get the needed materials and it becomes gray and tired. If you have an oily skin and you don't do regular detoxes, you risk causing blackheads and acne. By eating apples, you do an organism detox. The detoxified skin is a glowing skin.


- Prevent skin cancer by eating apples. The apples contain vitamin C and can prevent skin cancer. 


The apples are beauty activators.