The benefits of the aloe vera for the skin
The benefits of the aloe vera for the skin

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The benefits of the aloe vera for the skin

The aloe vera is a real miracle for the skin. It's a cocktail of vitamins and minerals which has been used since the I century AD.

It origins from the tropical countries, but once it was found, it could have been  found worldwide. 

There are a lot of aloe vera benefits for the body and for all of its organs. We have listed the benefits for the skin.



- It's one plant which can be used for both, an oily and a dry skin. It regulates the quantity of sebum of the oily skin and it's a natural exfoliant for the dry skin. You need to use the aloe vera gel few times a week, in order to have the best results.


- The gel is very hydrating for the skin. It hydrates the skin by improving the microcirculation.


- It reduces the wrinkles and it has an anti - aging effect on the skin. It can be used as an anti - aging cream.


- It has a calming effect against the mosquito bites. 


- It improves the skin's elasticity, so it's good for reducing the stretch marks.


- It calms all of the skin irritations, such as sun burns or regular burns.


- It's a natural makeup remover, which is both, economical and ecological. Thanks to its power of hydrating the skin, it cleanses the skin profoundly.


- It can also be used as a natural face toner.


- It renews the cells, thanks to the vitamins and the minerals that it contains.


- It nourishes the skin.


It really is a plant, different from the others. There is a reason why it was a gift to the pharaohs and why it was used by both, Nefertiti and Cleopatra. 


Enjoy in its miracles.