The beauty secret of the French women
The beauty secret of the French women

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The beauty secret of the French women

The French women are always a synonym for fashion, sophisticated look and elegance.

The Haute Couture has French roots.

Most of the best cosmetic brands are French. The best perfumes are French.

How is it possible that the French women are always beautiful and have a natural look? How do they do it?

The French women have a shiny skin. The best face creams are French. Every French woman takes care of her skin from a very young age. To take care of the skin is a very important lesson which is passed on the young French ladies from their mothers. According to the French women it is very important to clean the face, to remove the make – up every night before bed and to use a hydrating cream.

They also play sports. They take care of their bodies. They take a very good care of what they eat. They drink a lot of water. It is very important to drink water in order to have the perfect skin. It is very important to play sports for our health and we already know that taking care of what we eat is another way of taking care of our skin. Every French woman takes care of her well - being.  She dedicates 15 minutes of every day for herself. A happy woman is a beautiful woman. They are not afraid of the skin getting older. They take care of their skin so they are prepared.

They always have a natural look. They are using BBs and CCs. They use different shades of coral lipsticks. The mascara is very important in order to have seductive eyes.

The French women have a habit, in general, to buy and to use natural products. Using natural products, is very economical, very good for the health and very ecological. They are very creative and they also have a habit of making their own beauty products at home.

They avoid the sun. The sun, with its contents – the vitamins A and D is useful for the skin, but the French women are conscious that the UV rays are also dangerous for the skin.

The women of all nationalities are beautiful. If a woman is happy, she will be the most beautiful one.