Tattooing: a good idea?
Tattooing: a good idea?

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Tattooing: a good idea?


The tattooing is an art. The tattoo represents the person who has it and it stays on the person’s skin until the end of his/her life.

But is the tattooing really a good idea?

The tattoo has harmful effects on the skin. The doctors always alarm us that the tattoo can have negative effects on our health.



The tattoo can cause skin infections. The tattooing is not that simple as it looks. The tattoo is not just a simple drawing on the skin. The tattoo is made on few layers of the skin. This is why the tattoo can cause and activate skin infections. The newly tattooed skin is very vulnerable.

The tattoo can cause skin allergies. Not only that the tattoo can cause skin infections, but it can also cause skin allergies. Because a new tattoo should be treated with different solutions, the solutions might have negative effects on the skin.

The tattoo may contain toxic pigments. Unfortunately, the tattoo is frequently made with toxic pigments which are not tested and approved for a human use. The pigments contain plastic or are made for printers or cars.  Because the skin is the biggest organ, just like we don’t want to eat toxins, we don’t want to pollute the skin as well. The toxic pigments can cause skin irritations and redness and also endocrine disruption.

You have to trust the tattoo artist. It is essential that the tattoo artist has a good hygiene. The tattoo artist has to clean and disinfect his/her instruments and has to clean and disinfect your skin. You have to go and see an artist who is very professional and who knows how to do his/her job. Your good health is always the most important thing.


Think twice before going and getting a tattoo. The tattoo is a very big risk for the skin and for your general health.