Take care of your Eyelashes
Take care of your Eyelashes

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Take care of your Eyelashes

Every women knows that putting on some mascara is very important before leaving their home. When our eyelashes are long and wispy, our eyes automatically appear larger and clearer, making us look more awake and vibrant. But, not everyone wants to use tons of mascara or false eyelashes to achieve sparkle in the eyes. There are many ways to naturally improve the health and length of our natural eyelashes!

Here we have the best solutions for how to grow your own lashes.

Eyelash oil treatment

Castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all recommended as repairing solutions. These natural oils can be helpful if the eyelashes are becoming brittle and broken due to use of mascara and adhesives, false eyelashes and curling devices. Between these castor oil might be the best choice since it's been shown to induce brow and hair growth. But, be careful, because its oily and silky texture can cause breakouts for those with sensitive skin.


Removing mascara is a Must!

If you do not remove your mascara before going to bed, it can lead to breaking off the lashes while you're sleeping. It is recommended overnight treatment that can moisturize the lashes.


Healthy diet and vitamins

What you eat plays a big role in how well the structure of your lashes is. Those who seek to have softer, more natural eyelashes should maintain a nutritionally robust, balanced diet with proteins, iron and biotin.


Say NO to toxins!

Putting toxic glues in the fake eyelashes it’s what’s causing women to lose their lashes and have them not grow out. They can pull out your eyelashes and leave you with only few.


Use mascara wands

Throw-away mascara wands can limit bacteria. This is inexpensive way to keep your eyes super-clean without any risk of getting an eye infection.