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The spring is almost here and some of you are prepared and some of you aren't. It is possible that during the winter time, you didn't find the right care for your skin, so your skin is now dry and dehydrated. Because it was cold and now sunny days are coming, your skin is still not adapted.     - The spring is usually very sunny. In spring it can be sunny, unlike in winter when we rarely saw some sun rays. But the sun rays can be harmful just like they're during the summer time. You have to start...

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In winter, normally, even the oily skin can become oily because of the cold. It's not only the face skin that suffers, but also the skin on the hands is dry. So the most fragile is the skin which is directly exposed on the cold. The lips are dry too. What to do in order to improve the skin's state?     - Hide the traces of fatigue. Because in winter we lack sleep, it is normal to have black circles under the eyes. It is better to hide them in order to have a fresh look in generally.  To...

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In winter we don’t have a lot of energy. We like staying at home and drink tea or hot chocolate, because it’s very cold outside. But because our skin is dry, we can revive it with a winter therapy. It’s a homemade therapy based on homemade care. You won’t have to go to a beauty salon and leave your house.     A mask for a sensitive skin. The sensitive skin is even more sensitive in winter because of the cold weather. To take care of this type of skin and to nourish it, you can prepare this homemade mask....

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We should take care of our skin regularly, during the whole year, but it is in winter when we should take care of it the most. It is in winter when the skin is the driest. No matter the skin type, everybody should nourish the skin. Even the oiliest skin can become dry in winter. You should give the right treatment to your skin in order to nourish it, so you can have a healthy skin in winter.     Nourish the skin during the night. To have a healthy skin, you should nourish it during the night by using...

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Winter is the cold. The skin is drier than before and the lips are dry too. Regarding the makeup, in winter you can be the Snow Queen or you can wear a minimalistic makeup. So, what makeup to wear when it’s cold outside and how to stay beautiful and hydrated? We have the best advises.     Metallic lips. In order to be the Snow Queen, it is obligatory to use metallic lipsticks. The metallic lipsticks have been modern the whole year, but it is the winter time when they look the best. To have lips that seduce, firstly, you...

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