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Our organism needs vitamins in order to function properly. We can consume vitamins or we can use them directly on the hair and on the skin. The most important vitamin for the hair and for the skin is the vitamin B. This vitamin is divided in several groups: B1, B5, B8, B9, B12… The vitamin B5 is the vitamin for the skin. You can also find it under the name of pantothenic acid or vitamin anti – stress. You can cure acne, grow your hair or your nails with this vitamin.     Cure acne. Because acne causes a lot...

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To make your hair grow is easy. Today there are a lot of shampoos for hair growth. But how to grow the eyebrows? It is possible that you either have a thin and fine eyebrow naturally, or, you have had an unsuccessful tweezing and now you desperately want to grow your eyebrows. Don’t worry, we have the best advice on how to grow the eyebrows fast and naturally.     Massage the eyebrow’s zone. A good microcirculation stimulates the hair growth. This is why it is recommended to massage the face and the zone where the eyebrows are. The massages...

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  The vitamins are very important in order to have a fresh skin. It is essential to consume vitamins, but, one should also refresh the face with homemade masks full of vitamins. The most important vitamins for the skin are: vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E. We have found few recipes of homemade masks so you can nourish the skin.     A vitamin B mask. The vitamin B calms the irritated skin, regenerates and refreshes the skin. To enjoy its virtues, you will need:   Ingredients:   1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 tablespoon of...

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Light beer, dark beer, lagers, ambers… there are different types of beers. The beer is the golden drink. Consisted of water, vitamin B and yeasts, the beer is our most favorite drink. Did you know that we can also use the beer for the face and for the hair?     Beer face mask. The beer has many advantages if used in cosmetics. To start our list, we have found a recipe for a mask made out of beer:   Ingredients:   2 tablespoons beer yeast 2 tablespoons orange juice ½ teaspoon olive oil 1 tablespoon clay 1 tablespoon honey...

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