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The vanilla has a gentle smell which relaxes us and makes us dream. Not only that the vanilla is a part of a lot of parfums, but the vanilla is also very beneficial for the skin. The vanilla is part of more and more cosmetic products, but why not produce them at home?     A relaxing exfoliant for the face. Because the vanilla odor relaxes us, we can also use it to make a homemade exfoliant. But not only that the vanilla relaxes us, it is also a powerful antioxidant. So, we can use this mask for a mature...

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The vanilla is known by its specific sweet smell that awakens the senses. The vanilla has an important place in the kitchen, in the medicine and in cosmetics. In the kitchen, the vanilla is a part of numerous recipes for sweets. This is why its smell is an inspiration for a lot of cosmetic companies.     A smell that saves. The vanilla is used to relieve the stress. This is why the vanilla oil is used for massage sessions in the cosmetic saloons. Its powerful sent is a part of a lot of parfums, body lotions, lip butters, shampoos...

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