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The Valentine's Day has almost arrived and you don't know which lipstick to wear. It doesn't matter if you are taken or single and how are you gonna celebrate it, we have made a small list of lipsticks which are trending at the moment. Even if you're single, it is possible that you find your soulmate.     - Fuchsia lipstick. The fuchsia is the color that marked the 2018, but it also stayed in 2019. Even if you wear black classic clothes, this color will look perfect with them.    - Red lipstick. Ah the red lipstick. It's the classic...

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It is not important if you're single or taken for the Valentine's Day, because with our idea you can make this day different than any other day. The Valentine's Day is all about love so you can give love to your skin or the skin of your partner.      - A scrub for even the most sensitive skin. If your skin or your partner's skin is sensitive, don't worry because we have the solution. This scrub cleanses the skin profoundly, nourishes it and it doesn't leave it with red spots.  To prepare it, you will need: 1 tablespoon of dried...

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We have already some ideas about our Valentine's Day makeup, but we should also prepare the skin in advance.  A beautiful skin is 50% a good makeup. Your skin should be perfect if you decide to stay at home, because if you stay at home you won't wear a lot of makeup.     - Hydrate the skin. The skin should always be well hydrated. You should use a day cream and a night cream, which hydrate the skin profoundly.   - Hydrate the hands. The woman's hands should always be well nourished and with proper nails. You should use...

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The Valentine's Day is close and we can star with the annual preparations. Normally, all of the couples go out on this day. They go to the cinema, on a dinner or at the partner's. But wherever you go, you should have your perfect makeup prepared.  We have found some ideas for your makeup for the Valentine's Day, with which your date will fall in love with you again.     - Color contacts. If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, you can surprise your partner by wearing color contacts. You can choose a color different than your eyes'...

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