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Spring is an awakening season. It's a colorful floral season with a beautiful nature. Because the winter is over, your complexion is still pale, but some colors won't harm anybody.  If you don't know which are the latest trends, don't worry, we can help you.     - Put a bright color on your eyes. In spring we wear bright colors.  This look is for the braver ones. You should use extreme colors to achieve it, such as fuchsia, purple, eccentric blue, eccentric green or yellow.  You only need an eye shadow palette with such colors. You don't have to...

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  The celebrities have already presented the new 2019 makeup trends. The celebrities are always informed about the latest trends, so we can trust them. Just like any other season, this season also has a trend for everybody. If you don’t know which trend is the best for you, you should know that the best one would be the one that will look good on you.     Lip glosses. The matte lipsticks are already in the past. The new trend is glossy lips, but not too glossy. This means to make your lips look like after you have had...

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The celebrities are the trendsetters. They always start the trend for makeup, for hairstyles and for clothes. Regarding the makeup, their latest favorite trend are cherry eyes. All of the cosmetic companies which produce eyeshadows, changed their red and orange shades with rose, cherry and berry shades. So, how to copy this look and how to wear it?     Find an eyeshadow palette that contains cherry and berry shades. For starters, it is essential to find an eyeshadow palette which contains cherry and berry shades. You can’t make a mistake, because the palette contains the needed shades which are...

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Throwback Beauty If You have the ability to travel through time what would you do? To have your own time machine would you do/undo some things differently? Everyone has their own dreams and desires, but we all have the same goal: health and beauty! When we did a survey we released that no one regrets spending money on makeup and beauty products. Even some of them told us they felt like they are investing in themselves. Good point here: invest in using the right cosmetic products and simply love being yourself! We agree with this one, but the trick is...

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