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Yes it's winter, but you went skiing and now you have a tan. Or, you were at the beauty saloon and did a solarium, but you can't go to the saloon all the time and you want to prolong your sun tan for as long as possible.      - Hydrate the skin. To preserve your sun tan, you have to hydrate the skin every day. You have to drink a lot of water and use a thermal water to strengthen the skin on the face. It is difficult to prolong the sun tan on your face because you wash it...

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You have prolonged your exposure to the sun? You have your shirt's sleeves tanned on your arms? It's not important what is the reason, but you can however get rid of your tan naturally. We know how to get rid of the tan naturally without having harmful effects on the skin.     - Do scrubs. Not only that the scrub removes the dead cells, but it can also help you get rid of your tan.You can do it twice a week, in order to have satisfying results. Because the scrub is very beneficial for the skin, it is recommended to...

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