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When the summer season hits, temperatures begin to rise and along with them the kinds of skin problems. The heat can affect the skin, especially the oily one. But, fortunately there are certain summer fruits that are great for nourished skin. We found a list of 5 natural and easy-to-make summer fruit packs that can nourish the skin.   pAPAYA fRUIT pACK Papaya face-pack will help you keep your skin hydrated during summers. It can provide soft, supple and smooth skin. Mix 1 cup of ripe papaya, 1 tbsp of cold milk and 2 tsp of honey until thick paste....

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The summer season is near. So, we have to prepare our skin for the long hot days that are coming. There is one fruit, that can help prevent the heat during those hot months of the year. Rich in vitamin-A, vitamin-C and minerals like copper, potassium and magnesium this “summer fruit” is known as Mango. The antioxidants contained in the mangoes protect our body against many harmful diseases. But, mangos can play a big role in enhancing our beauty, too! They can help in the process of achieving soft, supple and flawless skin. By using a mango scrub we will...

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