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Every person should start using anti - aging products from the age of 25. Not only that the older women in their 50s should take care of their skin, but the younger ones should practice it too. Today, the process of the premature aging is accelerated by the stress and by the pollution. In order to stop the premature aging, to strengthen the skin and to have 30 minutes just for you (to get rid of the stress), we have found some recipes for two homemade masks.      - A facial mask based on garlic. The garlic is very...

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After a weight lose and after a pregnancy, the skin is sagged. The skin also gets sagged during the years. One can have a sagged stomach, sagged legs, but also a sagged face. There are several ways on how to strengthen the skin at home or at the beauty salons.      - Increase the collagen production. The collagen is the most important for strengthening the skin, curing the skin and for having a healthy skin in general. All of the skin changes are caused by a loss of collagen.  To increase the collagen production, you need to use and eat...

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