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It is very important to take care of your feet in order to have gentle feet, feet without bad odors and healthy nails. You need to do homemade treatments at least once a week, even in winter.  It is already spring time so we'll start wearing shoes that show our feet. If you do regular feet scrubs, you can avoid having dry feet with bad odors.     - A homemade feet scrub for gentle feet. Any kind of scrub makes the feet soft, but this one especially, because it is based on essential oils.  To prepare it, you will...

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There are different kinds of cheese.  Cheese is a dairy product which is better than the milk. The cow's milk is not suitable for everybody and the cheese contains the necessary quantity of calcium for a good body function without leaving negative consequences. The milk can cause acne and the cheese can't cause acne. The cheese, the yogurt, the crème fraiche and other kinds of cheese can improve the condition of your skin.     - A mask to soften the skin. To strengthen and to soften the skin and to unify the complexion, you can try this homemade mask. To prepare...

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The bath bombs are soaps mixed with essential oils and other substances (this depends on the bath bomb's type), which are used to improve your mood and to relax you. Are the bath bombs beneficial for the skin? We will tell you everything you need to know about the bath bombs.     - Bath bombs for everybody. The bath bombs are very popular and there are bath bombs in different colors and forms. They look so cute and they have an odor for every taste. The bath bombs are usually made out of natural ingredients, therefor they're natural products. They are...

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The homemade natural face care is the best. The natural products are without toxins and don't have harmful effects on the skin. The natural and homemade face care it's also economical because you can always use the some foods, some flowers or some oils that you already have at home.  If you have no idea which products you should use, we have chosen the three best products.     - Aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel is a natural, pure and multifunctional product. You can use it to nourish and hydrate the dry skin, to get rid of the...

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Every person should start using anti - aging products from the age of 25. Not only that the older women in their 50s should take care of their skin, but the younger ones should practice it too. Today, the process of the premature aging is accelerated by the stress and by the pollution. In order to stop the premature aging, to strengthen the skin and to have 30 minutes just for you (to get rid of the stress), we have found some recipes for two homemade masks.      - A facial mask based on garlic. The garlic is very...

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