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The soap is very important. The soap has an effect of an aromatherapy. The soap cleanses the skin profoundly and it eliminates acne. You should choose a soap adapted on your skin type. It is very important to find a soap which doesn’t disturb the pH of the skin. Every skin type has a different pH. It is always better to use natural homemade products. We have found two recipes on how to do your own homemade soap.     Lemon soap. It is a very simple recipe which regenerates the hands’ skin. In order to prepare it, you will...

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Goat's milk soap is a chemical-free skin care product derived from goat milk that provides many beauty benefits such as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-acne benefits without wreaking havoc on our skin and bodies. Let’s learn a bit more about the beauty benefits of Goat's milk soap: GOAT'S MILK SOAP MAKES THE SKIN LOOK YOUNGER Goat's milk can provide a youthful appearance of the skin because it contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), such as lactic acid that can help break down the dead skin cells and smooth out the surface of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids are excellent for exfoliating the...

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