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  The tattooing is an art. The tattoo represents the person who has it and it stays on the person’s skin until the end of his/her life. But is the tattooing really a good idea? The tattoo has harmful effects on the skin. The doctors always alarm us that the tattoo can have negative effects on our health.     The tattoo can cause skin infections. The tattooing is not that simple as it looks. The tattoo is not just a simple drawing on the skin. The tattoo is made on few layers of the skin. This is why the...

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Pimples are followed by inflammation, irritation and pain. And although pimples are with unpleasant look they shouldn’t be popped out because it can lead to infection and redness. But, despite this fact, sometimes we couldn’t resist of popping out. In this article we will present you some home remedies that can throw away the pimple redness in no time.   TEA TREE OIL When it comes to acne and pimples, tea tree oil works best. This oil contains antibacterial properties that can fight the bacteria and reduce other skin problems.  It also has soothing properties which can reduce the pimple...

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