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To be unique means to be brave. Generally, we are all unique in a certain way, but there are people who only copy the others.  This article is about the braver people and for the ones who don't want to be ordinary. The perfume is the personal trace of a man or a woman. Let's see how can we create a personalized perfume with already existing perfumes.      - What is scent layering? Scent layering is a technique which  involves combining and mixing two or more perfumes or two or more olfactory compositions in order to obtain a personalized perfume....

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The 8th of March is the international women's Day. We should respect all the women equally, no matter if they are our mothers, our sisters, our friends or our colleagues. It was difficult to be a woman in the past. Sometimes it's difficult to be a woman today, but it's in the women's nature to be strong.  So a homemade perfume would be a great gesture for any woman.     - A perfume based on essential oils. This perfume is based on essential oils. You can choose any essential oil that you like. But, you will need a vodka...

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The little ones also want to use perfumes. The perfumes which we buy, contain toxins that accumulate in the children’s skin. This is why it is always better to make a homemade perfume for your child with naturel ingredients, which are safe to be used. You can buy an interesting bottle so your child can accept the perfume.     A perfume based on rose. To prepare this perfume you need rose petals. Normally, you can use 30 to 35 rose petals, but the number of the petals depends on the quantity of the perfume that you want to get....

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The vanilla is known by its specific sweet smell that awakens the senses. The vanilla has an important place in the kitchen, in the medicine and in cosmetics. In the kitchen, the vanilla is a part of numerous recipes for sweets. This is why its smell is an inspiration for a lot of cosmetic companies.     A smell that saves. The vanilla is used to relieve the stress. This is why the vanilla oil is used for massage sessions in the cosmetic saloons. Its powerful sent is a part of a lot of parfums, body lotions, lip butters, shampoos...

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There are different types of perfumes: perfumes that smell like flowers, perfumes that smell like a chocolate, perfumes that have a sweet smell etc. Sometimes, it is very hard to find the perfect perfume. Sometimes, even if it’s found, it costs a lot. But, however, in all of the perfumes that we buy in the shops there are different toxins which cause skin irritations and allergies especially when applied on a sensitive skin. Everything that is natural is always the best choice for everybody and for his/her health. Because we would like to help you make the best choice for...

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