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The makeup base is very important. With the makeup base the makeup lasts longer, your complexion is fresh and it covers the skin imperfections. You need to do a homemade makeup base because it's more ecological, very economical and it's a 100% a natural product.      1. Rice water. The rice water can be used as a makeup base to mattify the complexion. It's ideal for an oily skin. It has the power of absorbing the excess of sebum. There are no harmful effects if you use it.   2. A base for every skin type: Ingredients: 5 grams of...

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There are several reasons why you need to do a homemade lip balm. The artificial lip balms contain toxic ingredients (such as cetyl palmitate), petroleum derivatives (paraffin), emulsifiers (polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate) and fatty alcohols (cetearyl alcohol). Those ingredients can have harmful effects on the general health. Everything that is natural, is always a better choice.   The formula of the base is very easy:    - A vegetable butter - A vegetable oil - Vegetable wax (rice, candelilla, bee etc.) - A preservative (2 drops of vitamin E, 2 drops of wheat germ oil) - Optional: 2-3 drops of natural dye or essential oils   All...

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The passion fruit is an exotic fruit with a specific sweet smell. Because it is very nourishing, it's a main ingredient of many cosmetics. It has been a famous fruit since the XVI century and it is often used in the kitchen. What are the benefits of the passion fruit for the skin?     - The passion fruit contains the most important vitamins for the skin. The passion fruit contains vitamin A, B and C. Those are the most important vitamins for a proper skin function. This is why it is recommended to consume the passion fruit.   -...

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To enjoy the sun in spring and to have a healthy and glowing problem - free skin, you should also use cosmetics which are recommended for the skin's state in spring. Because the skin is more sensitive in spring, you need to exfoliate it, nourish it and protect it from the harmful UV rays.     - A hydrating cream. The hydrating cream is first on this list because it's a must - have product for this spring. Actually, it would be a lot better if you use a day cream and a night cream. Both of them should be...

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The neck wrinkles are more and more common today because of the cell phones. To prevent them, you need to do exercises and you shouldn't use your cell phone very often to text somebody. You should also hydrate the skin and protect it from the sun.  But, if you already have wrinkles, we have the best remedies for you.     - The cucumber - your savior. If you put two slices of cucumber on the eyes, you will be able to eliminate the wrinkles and the black circles. But, of course we can't put cucumber slices on the neck....

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