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The skin is the biggest organ in our body which protects the organism and the other organs from the external influences. The skin regulates the body's temperature and eliminates the accumulated toxins.  The pH is an abbreviation for a potential hydrogen. The pH of a solution is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. A neutral pH is 7. Consequently, if the pH value is bigger than 7, the pH of the solution is basic. If the value is smaller than 7, the pH of the solution is acidic.      - The acidity can cause acne. The oily skin...

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Acidity plays crucial role in the skin. It inhibites the growth of harmful bacteria by activating certain enzymes in the skin. When the skin's pH is normal, it stimulates the production and secretion of healthy lipids and natural oils that allow the skin to repair and heal itself and stay a balanced.    But, first let’s see what “pH” actually means. 'pH' is short term for 'potential to free hydrogen ions'. It is a measure of the amount of acid or alkaline. When it comes to health, it is a measure of how much oxygen is in the blood. Higher...

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