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A matte lipstick, a satin lipstick, a creamy lipstick, a long-wearing lipstick ... On the market there are a lot of cosmetic products and a lot of different types of lipstick. It is difficult to find the perfect lipstick.     Matte lipsticks. The matte lipsticks give a specific look to your lips and they are the opposition of the glossy and creamy lipsticks. Yes, they look cool, but, all of the matte lipsticks dry the lips, which is not cool at all. If you’re a fan of matte lipsticks, you should apply a lip oil before applying the lipstick...

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Winter is the cold. The skin is drier than before and the lips are dry too. Regarding the makeup, in winter you can be the Snow Queen or you can wear a minimalistic makeup. So, what makeup to wear when it’s cold outside and how to stay beautiful and hydrated? We have the best advises.     Metallic lips. In order to be the Snow Queen, it is obligatory to use metallic lipsticks. The metallic lipsticks have been modern the whole year, but it is the winter time when they look the best. To have lips that seduce, firstly, you...

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