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  We would like to have naturally rose, healthy and sexy lips. If you have sensitive lips, the lip balms dry your lips out. If you think that a regular lip balm use will save your lips, you are far from the truth. The truth is, the lip balms dry your lips out and you become dependent of your lip balm. The lip balms make an addiction. It is always better to make a homemade lip care and to use natural products.     Use Vaseline. The Vaseline is a remedy which you can use instead of the lip balm...

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It is normal for the lips to be drier in autumn. The climate changes, the temperature and the winds are responsible for it. The organism loses vitamins. The lips can also get dry because of some makeup products. Some of the matte lipsticks make the lips dry and you get “lips like a stone”. Another factor which leads to dry lips, is the dehydration. If you take care of your lips on a daily bases, you will avoid having dry and dehydrated lips.     Exfoliate the lips. You need to exfoliate the lips before hydrating them. The homemade pilings...

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Just like our body and face need care, our lips need it too! As they are a sensitive area with a little care, they can maintain beautiful color and shape. Using a lip scrub not only nurtures, but it will help minimize, and even eliminate dry, cracked lips. Especially in the winter months. And if you are concerned about what kind of lip scrub is the right one, making your own homemade lip scrub is the best solution. It will give the best lip exfoliation, and it is super-easy to make. Plus, the homemade lip scrubs are made of ingredients...

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