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The first association when someone mentions lavender, is the purple. The second association is its relaxing and calming odor.  The lavender products are good for the oily skin. If you have a lavender oil at home, than you can make some homemade masks.      - A mask against sunburns. To prepare it, you will need: 30 g of shea butter, 20 ml oily macerate of calendula, 30 drops of lavender aspic essential oil.  You mix the ingredients and you apply the mask. You let it sit for 30 minutes and you rinse it afterwards.   - An anti - acne mask. To...

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Unfortunately, today the stress is an inevitable part of our daily life. We have accepted the stress as if it was a normal thing. The stress is the reason for many diseases and sometimes, we have insomnia because of the stress. There are different ways to get rid of the stress, but if you would like to get rid of it quickly and without making any effort, then you can make your own homemade sleep spray, so you are able to sleep like an angel.     Sleeping sprays based on essential oils. The simplest sleeping sprays are those which...

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Sometimes the day is too short to finish with all the obligations. It is not good for the health to drink energy drinks. At the end of the day we find our selves tired, our skin is tired and it has a greyish color because of the lack of sleep. So, the solution would be to find something that will energize our skin and will improve our mood by relaxing us at the same time. There are few natural products which can help us relax and which will calm us down.   Lavender. There are a lot of benefits from...

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