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Melanin is the chemical that gives skin its pigmentation. Higher levels of this chemical can cause darkening and discoloration of the skin known as Hyperpigmentation. This is one of the most common skin problems that usually worsens with age. It may appear in the form of red, brown, pink or even purple-looking spots, clusters or streaks on the surface of the skin. Areas of the skin where hyperpigmentation occurs will appear darker than the rest of the skin.   There are several types of hyperpigmentation that tend to cause different symptoms, some of which are easier to treat than others....

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Melasma is a skin condition that causes dark tan patches on the face. It refers to a skin condition that’s triggered by hormonal changes and develops around the forehead, lips, nose, and cheekbones and it is the most common skin condition for pregnant women because of the changing of hormone levels that stimulate an excess production of melanin, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Other factors that can cause melasma are exposure to ultraviolet rays, having a familial history of this condition, and having a bright skin complexion.   There are several conventional treatments for melasma including the following: Hydroquinone This topical...

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