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The strobing is a new technique which is more and more popular and which will replace the contouring. We do the strobing to give a glow to our face and to emphasize our assets. We can make our eyes, our lips and the high cheekbones look bigger. We can also correct our nose with this technique.     In order to do this technique you will need a highlighter. The highlighter can be a cream highlighter, a powder highlighter or a liquid highlighter. The glow on your face will give a visual effect of a tanned complexion. Because the sun is...

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  The highlighter has become popular several years ago. We use it to illuminate the face, in order to get the effect of the perfect glowing skin. By illuminating the face, we emphasize its beautiful characteristics. We also use the highlighter to be able to do well the makeup techniques successfully, such as the strobing. So, the highlighter has became an inevitable part of our makeup routine. If you still can’t find the highlighter’s shade from your dreams, then you can use our two recipes to do it yourself at home.     The hydrating highlighter. You need to use...

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Today there are a lot of different lipstick colors. Everybody can make a choice from the variety of different lipsticks – which is actually the real problem. When we have a variety of products, we don’t know what should we choose. Regarding the lipstick colors, we can’t choose our favorite lipstick color. We should choose the color which will rejuvenate our face.     The lip liner is a must! As years pass, the lips become thinner. This is why you need to make the more mature lips look bigger. The lip liner serves to define and enlarge the lips....

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