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Did you know that grapes were a beauty ally? The grapes can regenerate the skin and the hair and can improve the general condition of your skin. We can use grapes directly on the skin (their oil) or, we can eat them. If we eat grapes, they can detoxify the skin and the organism and they have anti-cholesterol virtues.     To enjoy the benefits of the grapes for the skin and the hair, there is a grapeseed oil. The grapeseed oil is rich with omega 6 and 9 and with resveratrol, which is its most powerful antioxidant. The grapeseed...

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anti-age, beautiful, Beauty, facecare, facial mask, glowingskin, grapes, natural, skin, skincare, soft -

As we get older, our skin gets older too and starts to lose its elasticity and moisture. Also, very often happens that signs of ageing, like dark spots and wrinkles start to occur at an early age. Plus, as the sun starts to shine and the temperature and pollution begin to increase, is nearly impossible to maintain soft, glowing and radiant skin. But, with a few dietary changes we can prevent these early signs of ageing. One of the ingredients that is proven to be beneficial for the skin is the Grapes. For a wrinkle-free skin, one application of grape...

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