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The key for having a beautiful skin is not only the good makeup or the facials. We should also take care of what we eat. There are foods which are bad for the skin and foods which have a contribution for your beautiful skin. The fruits are among the foods which make your skin glow.     All of the fruits with an orange or a red color. The fruits with an orange or a red color are rich with carotene. The carotene is essential in order to protect the skin from the sun or in order to renew the...

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The skin loses its elasticity over the years. The collagen production is decreased. The aging process begins. In order to improve the skin condition, you need to use anti - age products. But, can we really trust the anti - age products? It is always simpler to trust the nature.      - Wash the face with a rice water. The rice water is a powerful antioxidant which helps in improving the skin's elasticity. It is rich with vitamin E and it hydrates the skin profoundly. It is a natural protection against the UV rays. To prolong the skin's aging,...

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When the summer season hits, temperatures begin to rise and along with them the kinds of skin problems. The heat can affect the skin, especially the oily one. But, fortunately there are certain summer fruits that are great for nourished skin. We found a list of 5 natural and easy-to-make summer fruit packs that can nourish the skin.   pAPAYA fRUIT pACK Papaya face-pack will help you keep your skin hydrated during summers. It can provide soft, supple and smooth skin. Mix 1 cup of ripe papaya, 1 tbsp of cold milk and 2 tsp of honey until thick paste....

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For food flavors it is difficult to discuss. However, we must stick to some general healthy diet if we want to maintain our good look and clear skin. No matter how the skin is nourished with cosmetic products, our skin look still depends on what we eat. Health comes from the inside. As a beauty company we are committed to our customers. We are glad that you are using our products, that is why we would like to share few helpful information about food. We love to hear your thoughts on this one... Once we came to the conclusion that...

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