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Foundation is created to make our skin glowing without any imperfections like acne, blemishes, scars and so on... However not always the result (despite our best efforts), is satisfying and instead of smooth and silky skin texture, we end up with “chalky mask”. But doing our makeup isn’t some mystery that only make-up artists know about, but it is a simple process with a simple technique followed by a few simple “rules” that'll help us get the most beautiful, yet natural-looking finish. First: it is crucial to remove the makeup and wash the face every single night! If there is...

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It is very important to pay attention to the beauty products that you use. We can not apply anything on our face or body. There are beauty products which are cheap and which contain very dangerous substances. We have a habit of not reading the content of the beauty products. It is always a better idea to make homemade products.   Fluid foundation:   Ingredients:   5 ml of water 3,5 g of cocoa powder 50 ml of your day cream Those 3 ingredients are the ingredients of the base. To get the same color as your complexion’s color, you...

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