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Beautifying yourself is not an easy job. You need to take care of each and every part from head to toe. When it comes to skin, everyone wishes to poses fair skin especially the one on the face. But, due to stress and hormonal changes, some women face with facial hair. It has been found that women with dark hair are more likely to grow facial hair than the blondie ones. Fortunately, there are many cosmetic remedies for removing unwanted facial hair, but why not try some homemade remedies that are equally effective in removing hair as those in the...

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beautiful, Beauty, clean, facecare, facial hair, facial mask, female, glowingskin, natural, skin, skincare, woman -

All women have body and facial hair but, facial hair is usually light colored and smaller than the rest of the body hair. However, for some women, the hair growth is extensive and coarse. This is because of the high level of androgens, including testosterone. When there is excessive hair growth amongst women, the condition is called hirsutism, usually caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). But, the god news is that the excess hair growth can be treated by a handful of natural and effective home remedies. Here we’ve prepared a few homemade mixtures to help you get rid of...

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