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If you’ve always wanted to have a soft, supple and nourished skin but, despite the fact that you’ve tried all treatments to get that glowing skin, still nothing happened. Then it’s time to try something different and simple that can help you make your wish come true. Except that it is good for a healthy diet the egg white can do wonders to your skin too! Surprised? Still in doubt? We will prove you are wrong. Egg white is full of essential nutrients and minerals that can boost your skin's health in a natural way. Albumin is a vital protein...

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One of the remedies that our grand grand mothers used to use is Ubtan - an age-old Face and Body Mask made of Turmeric, Gram Flour (Besan), Sandalwood Powder (Chandan), Rosewater and Milk. It is believed to provide a smooth, healthy and flawless skin with glowing complexion. There are many benefits of using ubtan. One of them is the natural gleaming glow of the skin.  All the ingredients used in ubtan have coolant properties that help relieve the skin from excess heat and tan. They remove dead skin and help get a soft and supple skin. Also, its anti-inflammatory and...

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  Everyone deserves to have beautiful, clean skin and radiant complexion without acne, blackheads, blemishes or pigmentation. Investing in expensive lotions, potions or face treatments is not always the right option because the results may not be very good and your skin may not be as beautiful as you have wanted. What if we tell you that the best way to pamper your skin is by treating it with  homemade ingredients that are all natural and fresh? YES! The secret for glowing skin is maybe in your fridge. Now, you can make your own homemade masks with natural ingredients to...

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