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The cucumber is consisted of more than 50% water. So, it's a very hydrating vegetable. Our skin and our organism have the need to be hydrated at all times in order to get rid of the accumulated toxins.  There are numerous recipes with cucumber for the skin and for different skin problems.      - The cucumber has an anti - aging effect on the skin. The cucumber has the power of strengthening the skin. It contains a vitamin C which is essential for a proper skin function and which helps diminish the wrinkles. To get rid of the wrinkles, proceed...

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A very big BRAVO for the women who remove their makeup every day. The others who don't remove it, should know that it is really essential to do so. You shouldn't forget to remove your makeup. Because the skin memorizes everything that we do to it, it also memorizes if you don't remove the makeup.      - Why should you remove the makeup on the eyes? A mascara, eyeshadows and an eye pencil are the most used products for eyes makeup. All of those products can get into your eye few hours after you have applied them. It is very...

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The makeup is really an art. We put makeup in order to be beautiful, but we're artists at the same time. Our face is an empty canvas waiting to be painted. The difference between a true canvas and our face is in the face indicators which make us choose the right color. It's the eyes and the complexion color which oblige us to choose the eyeshadow color.     1. Purple and plum eyeshadows: - Eyes: blue or brown - Complexion: cool undertone   All of the purple and plum shades are perfect for blue and brown eyes. They're excellent on...

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We don't have a habit of eating blackberries often and we don't usually know what are their benefits for the skin and for the organism in general.  The blackberries improve the blood's quality and the blood's circulation of the face and of the body, they improve the immune system and they're powerful antioxidants.  The blackberries are also rich with vitamins, which improve the skin's structure.      - The anti - aging effect of the blackberries. The blackberries are powerful antioxidants which have an anti - aging effect on the skin. The antioxidants do a natural lifting on the skin....

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This year there were two royal weddings – the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan and the wedding of the princess Eugenie and Jack. Both of them wore a simple and sophisticated makeup, which is specific for the royals. We have a habit of wearing a heavy makeup, when the real princesses keep it simple. How to copy their look?     Natural makeup. Both of them had a natural, but fresh makeup. They looked like they don’t have a lot of makeup.   The eyes: their eyes are magical. Meghan has brown eyes and Eugenie has green eyes. They...

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