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The eyelashes are a sign of sensuality and the longer the eyelashes the woman looks more sensual. Not only that the eyelashes should be long, but they should be thick too. Some women have blond eyelashes and some have short eyelashes, which is an aesthetic problem. If you have blond eyelashes, you should use a black mascara so you can emphasize them, but if your eyelashes are short and thin, you have to find a way to grow them.     - Eyelashes extensions?  The eyelashes extensions are a solution if you have thin eyelashes, or even if you have long...

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When you wear glasses is a little bit difficult to do your makeup. Not only that you don’t see very well, but it is hard because you also want to accentuate the eyes (since the glasses hide them), but without using a heavy makeup. We have the best advices on how to accentuate the eyes and wear the makeup the whole day: The mascara is a must! If you want to accentuate and draw more attention to your eyes, you MUST use a mascara. Don’t even think of leaving the house without a mascara on your eyes. The mascara is...

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Every women knows that putting on some mascara is very important before leaving their home. When our eyelashes are long and wispy, our eyes automatically appear larger and clearer, making us look more awake and vibrant. But, not everyone wants to use tons of mascara or false eyelashes to achieve sparkle in the eyes. There are many ways to naturally improve the health and length of our natural eyelashes! Here we have the best solutions for how to grow your own lashes. Eyelash oil treatment Castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all recommended as repairing solutions. These natural...

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