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There really are a lot of eyeshadow colors. But there are also a lot of lipstick colors. So, sometimes it is difficult to know which lipstick with which eyeshadow should you pair. How to know if the choice of the colors is good?     Violet eyeshadows. The violet eyeshadows look very good on brown eyes. Those shades are for the braver ones because the violet is an eccentric color when it comes to makeup. The nude and the red lipstick make the perfect pair with the violet eyes. The nude lipstick is good with any eye combination, but the...

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You bought the blush from your dreams, the magical eye shadow or the compact powder which is perfect for your complexion, but unfortunately it broke (oh no!) … We have found helpful tips on how to fix and maintain the broken makeup products, in order to avoid the stress and so you are able to use them.     To fix a broken eye shadow you will need:   Aluminum paper 70 ° alcohol A small hammer A coin A sheet of paper towel You put the eye shadow on the aluminum paper. You fold the paper on two and...

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All women wear makeup in order to look beautiful and to hide the imperfections. But we, the modern women of the 21st century, are not the first ones to wear makeup. Women have worn makeup since the ancient times. Every century had a femme fatal who was the most beautiful one for that time. Cleopatra was between the first women who did their makeup. She is still a synonym for beauty. Not only that she had been doing her makeup, but she also had been doing some beauty treatments to nourish her skin. Nefertiti is also a beauty symbol of...

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