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The eyeliner is an indispensable product which gives a classic look. It’s the famous ‘cat eye’ look. There are different sorts of eyeliner, with a different structure and with a different brush. They also have different colors. The main problem of many women, is how to apply it properly. There are two types of women: those who use it daily and it is a routine for them and those who don’t know how to apply it or use it and their eyes don’t have the same quantity of eyeliner on them.     A black or white eyeliner? The black...

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The celebrities are the trendsetters. They always start the trend for makeup, for hairstyles and for clothes. Regarding the makeup, their latest favorite trend are cherry eyes. All of the cosmetic companies which produce eyeshadows, changed their red and orange shades with rose, cherry and berry shades. So, how to copy this look and how to wear it?     Find an eyeshadow palette that contains cherry and berry shades. For starters, it is essential to find an eyeshadow palette which contains cherry and berry shades. You can’t make a mistake, because the palette contains the needed shades which are...

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