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There are several reasons why you need to do a homemade lip balm. The artificial lip balms contain toxic ingredients (such as cetyl palmitate), petroleum derivatives (paraffin), emulsifiers (polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate) and fatty alcohols (cetearyl alcohol). Those ingredients can have harmful effects on the general health. Everything that is natural, is always a better choice.   The formula of the base is very easy:    - A vegetable butter - A vegetable oil - Vegetable wax (rice, candelilla, bee etc.) - A preservative (2 drops of vitamin E, 2 drops of wheat germ oil) - Optional: 2-3 drops of natural dye or essential oils   All...

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It is very important to take care of your feet in order to have gentle feet, feet without bad odors and healthy nails. You need to do homemade treatments at least once a week, even in winter.  It is already spring time so we'll start wearing shoes that show our feet. If you do regular feet scrubs, you can avoid having dry feet with bad odors.     - A homemade feet scrub for gentle feet. Any kind of scrub makes the feet soft, but this one especially, because it is based on essential oils.  To prepare it, you will...

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Today, women and men can experience a premature skin aging from the age of 25, which wasn't very common before. But, unfortunately, today the pollution is worse than before, we live a very busy life so we don't have the time to get rid of the toxins accumulated in the skin or, we smoke. If you can't find your ideal anti - aging or anti - wrinkles cream, you can simply do it at home.      - An anti - wrinkles cream based on essential oils. This cream is very hydrating, remedying and efficient against the wrinkles. To make...

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To enjoy the sun in spring and to have a healthy and glowing problem - free skin, you should also use cosmetics which are recommended for the skin's state in spring. Because the skin is more sensitive in spring, you need to exfoliate it, nourish it and protect it from the harmful UV rays.     - A hydrating cream. The hydrating cream is first on this list because it's a must - have product for this spring. Actually, it would be a lot better if you use a day cream and a night cream. Both of them should be...

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The spring is on its way and the first sun rays are already here.  Because every season is different, the skin needs a different type of care. In winter the skin is drier, because of the cold weather and in spring there are different challenges for the skin, such as the spring allergies which cause redness on the skin.     - The skin is more sensitive in spring. The cold and windy weather is over, but the skin is more sensitive in spring than in winter. The sun shines brighter in spring. The air is different because of the...

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