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The healthy diet is the most important in order to have a beautiful skin. There are foods which cause acne and which make it worse. The foods rich with refined sugar can increase the sebum's production. The excess of sebum causes acne and the skin is glowing. To resolve the skin's problems, it is very important to pay attention on what you eat.     - The key for a beautiful skin. The key for having a beautiful skin is to change some foods with other more healthy foods. For example, the chocolate causes acne. You need to change with...

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Have you ever thought about changing your diet in order to improve your skin? Are you aware of the fact that there are so many products that contribute to the overall health and appearance of the skin? Maybe it’s time to try out some new diet for the sake of the skin’s health! Diets rich in sugars are harmful to the skin because high sugar levels promote inflammation that may lead to acne breakouts. Also, sugars can lead to hardening of the collagen, which in addition can lead to early wrinkling. That’s why below, we have a list of skin-friendly...

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Having acne-prone skin is deeply connected with having oily skin. The main cause of this problem are the genetics. So, maintaining clear and acne-free skin can be tough challenge for those with problematic skin. The right diet plays big role in proper skin care. In order to protect the skin from getting oily, it is very important to consume fiber-rich foods. Along with fiber rich foods, eating all kinds of green vegetables can do wonders to the skin. Here it is a list of right foods. Veggies: Cucumbers – contain big amount of water and antioxidants that can hydrate the...

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