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There are a lot of natural ways to get rid of the dark circles. For example, you can put cooled teabags of chamomile or mint tea, or, you can cut two slices of cucumber and put them on the dark circles. But, if you don’t have a lot of time to get rid of them naturally, then you can simply camouflage them with makeup.     Use concealers. To camouflage the dark circles right away, you should use eye creams and then concealers. The concealer should be one shade lighter than the color of your skin, because you need to...

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Have you've ever wondered what makes eyes puffy, what causes dark circles, and what so-called bags even are? We have the answer to all of these questions. Read below to clear up once and for all what’s the difference between these occurrences.   Dark Circles Dark circles are caused by the genetics. The skin on the under-eye area is so thin and translucent that you can easily see the underlying veins and therefore looks purple or bluish. This appears most often in people with fair skin. Additionally, lack of sleep increases venous congestion making the dark circles look even darker....

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  The dark circles, which can be dark or very dark, are the circles which appear under the eyes. They normally appear because of a lack of sleep, allergies, smoking, illnesses, stress or because of some medical treatments. Why to pay a lot at the saloons, when you can get rid of them naturally.     Drink water. If the dark circles appear in the morning, and they disappear during the day, this means that you don’t drink enough water. A lot of people have different problems because they don’t drink enough water. The recommended quantity is 8 glasses per...

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