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We already know that the natural products are the best for the environment, for us and for our health.  But how can we know if a product is really natural? We don't have a habit of reading the product's label and we don't pay attention to its content.  Because we live in a world where the marketing sells the products, we can't really know if a product is dangerous to be used.     - The nomenclature of the essential oils. If it's noted that a product is natural based on rose essential oil or on some other oil, we can...

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Because a lot of people don't usually read the content of the cosmetic products and are not aware of their bad effects, we have made a small list in order to be conscious and well informed. The toxins can be part of creams, perfumes, facial masks, gels, lotions, body milks etc.  There are a lot of health organisations which draw the attention to the content of the cosmetic products, but the producers don't put the concentration with a percentage of the toxic substance on the label.     The list is long, but we have found the most dangerous ones:...

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Because we are beauty addicts, we can spend the last cent to buy beauty products. There are products which don’t cost a lot and which are just effective as the ones that are expensive. But sometimes we should avoid the cheapest products because we can’t put whatever on the skin. So, how can we deploy money?     You shouldn’t buy an expensive lipstick. Yes, you read that correctly: you shouldn’t buy an expensive lipstick. And you ask why? It’s because no matter the quality of the lipstick and no matter the brand, you can make your lipstick last for...

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