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A little stress can be good for your body, but too much stress affects your immune system, making you more prone to skin infections. It happens to all of us to face with the annoying stress due to fast lifestyle but, the catch is to know how to deal with it when needed. Stress can stop the hyaluronic acid production, which causes dryness and dullness. Cortisol, the hormone released when stress happens, is the natural enemy of collagen. Producing more oil into the skin, the cortisol is the main reason for skin problems, such as rash, itching, bumps and breakouts....

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Beauty is the most notable and remarkable aspect of all human beings. Beauty is not only a characteristic of a person, but also reason for inspiration for artists. Since long ago, the beauty of a woman has shown interest among painters, sculptors, philosophers and poets. Female face and body will always remain part of the great works of artists. Maybe standards of beauty have changed over time, due to different cultural values, but there is something that will always hold its worth: women’s skin! A beautiful and smooth skin will never go out of style. The touch of a woman...

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