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Every person should start using anti - aging products from the age of 25. Not only that the older women in their 50s should take care of their skin, but the younger ones should practice it too. Today, the process of the premature aging is accelerated by the stress and by the pollution. In order to stop the premature aging, to strengthen the skin and to have 30 minutes just for you (to get rid of the stress), we have found some recipes for two homemade masks.      - A facial mask based on garlic. The garlic is very...

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The strawberries are powerful antioxidants, contain vitamin C, contain minerals and they're very nutritive and nourishing. The strawberries boost the immunity system and they're very beneficial for the skin. It is very useful to eat them, to drink strawberry juice and to use them in your skin care.     - Strawberries contain vitamin C. Strawberries are rich with vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the skin and for the organism. The vitamin C boosts the immunity system and renews the skin, especially the mature skin. The smokers lose vitamin C because of the tobacco and they have to consume it...

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The collagen is the most important protein for the skin. The collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin's tissues, the bones and the ligaments. The body produces collagen, but at 36 years old, the collagen's production. declines. The collagen's declination leads to a poor elasticity, so the skin aging begins. Today there are other exterior factors and foods which cause premature skin aging. This means that the lack of collagen can occur earlier than at 36 years old.      - Prevent the premature aging. To prevent the premature aging, you need to start using anti - aging products...

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We already know which foods can eliminate and prevent wrinkles, but there are also drinks which can renew your skin. There are drinks which you can buy and which are based on hyaluronic acid or collagen based, but there are also natural drinks.     Powder drink based on natural amino acids. You can buy a powdered drink based on natural amino acids which stimulates the collagen production. This drink can reduce the wrinkles up to 30%. It is also an anti – aging product which hydrates the skin profoundly.   A collagen-based drink. The collagen is not only good...

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  We already know that the fruits and vegetables are good for the skin. The sea food is also good for the skin. But is the meat good or bad for the skin? There are people who eat and people who don’t eat meat. Is their skin the same?     White meat. The white meat is beneficial for the skin just like the fruits, the vegetables and the fish. The white meat gives all the needed vitamins and minerals to your skin. This type of meat contains less fat and less calories than the red meat. It’s a source...

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