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It is essential to cleanse the face in order to get rid of the impurities and to open the pores, so you can have a glowing skin. The cleansing is the next step after the makeup removing phase and before the face cream phase. Normally, there are plenty of cleansing products out there, such as toners, gels, soaps, micellar waters etc., but there are also natural ways of cleansing the face.     A floral water in the morning. It is essential to gently cleanse the face every morning. A part from the mild toners, you can also use natural...

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Contrary to the opinion that most of us have, face washing isn’t such a basic task that can be accomplished somewhat easy. There's a lot more than splash a water and pat dry. While there are so many sophisticated cleansers that won't totally destroy the skin, using the right one will boost the skin's elasticity, by giving it a lot of moisture and anti-aging benefits that an old-school splash and scrub won't. Here is a list of 7 face washing rules that should be perceived: Rule #1: Remove your makeup before you wash your face because there are many cleansers...

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Whether you’re dealing with signs of aging, large pores, uneven skin tone, redness, and breakouts, or not, there are basic types of products everyone should use. We are presenting you below the order in which to use these products, day and night and how each type of them works. In the morning use: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer with sunscreen, and in the evening: cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer.   NOW LET’S SEE HOW ICH OF THEM FORKS ON THE SKIN:   Cleanser: removes debris, oil, and makeup Cleansers help wash away substances that clog pores and allow the skincare...

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