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You have already did some exercises and you have already used some anti - cellulite body lotions, but the cellulite is now on the surface and you need to get rid of it soon? If your reply is "yes" than we have found some solutions for you so you can get rid of it naturally.     1. Eliminate the cellulite in two weeks. To eliminate the cellulite in two weeks, you should try this homemade recipe with which you can do a scrub and a massage.  The ingredients are: olive oil and coffee grounds. Normally, the quantity is 5 drops...

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We normally don’t eat a lot of walnuts. If you don’t want to eat them, then you should combine them with other foods, but you shouldn’t avoid them. Why are the walnuts so important? The walnuts are different from the other fruits and vegetables, because they are richer with omega 3 acids. They are very beneficial for the organism and for the skin too.     The walnuts reduce the stress. According to several studies, the walnuts reduce the stress. Because today nobody is stress immune, and the stress is the reason for all of the diseases, also for the...

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The massages have a calming effect, improve our mood and improve our physical health. But did you know that the massages were also good for the skin? The massages tonify and strengthen the skin and reduce the cellulite. Because normally the massages are made with essential oils, the skin can benefit from their effect at the end of the session.     We already know that doing sports is very important for the general health and for the skin too. But, after every gym session, we have inflamed muscles. The massage is a solution for relaxing the muscles after a...

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Cellulite seems to be one of the biggest problems, especially when the summer days arrive. There are many theories about what may cause this “girl problem” and it seems that hormones, diet, lifestyle and genetics play big role in its appearance. While there is a believe that those who are overweight tend to have a higher chance of getting cellulite, many thin women are occurred as well. The truth is that cellulite grows more prominent in women as they grow older because the collagen store keeps declining. However, there is not a cause to worry. A healthy diet, regular exercise,...

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