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We can eat the blueberries, drink their juice or put them directly on the skin, but however, no matter the way of consuming them, they are very beneficial for the skin. The blueberry is also known under the name ‘super fruit’ because they’re also very beneficial for the general health. Eating blueberries improves the vision.     The antioxidant powers of the blueberries. The blueberries are on the list of fruits which contain the most antioxidants. The antioxidants fight against the wrinkles and give an anti – aging effect. The blueberries contain the flavonoid which is named anthocyanin. They’re purple...

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There are a lot of wine types, but we can generally divide it in 3 categories: red, white and rosé. It’s our most favorite alcoholic drink which we can drink during the whole year. Because the winter is already here, we can also drink the red wine. But is the wine good or bad for the skin?     Wine skin care. If you love the wine, you’re lucky because there are a lot of skin care products based on wine. It’s a cure against a lot of skin diseases, which is being used from ancient times. It’s the secret...

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There are a lot of reasons why you are having acne: hormones, puberty, pregnancy, foods, oily skin etc. Acne is a skin disease which should be treated properly. Acne can make you lose confidence. We have found all of the natural solutions to treat acne.     Baby acne. We will start by the little ones. It’s a nightmare for the mom if her baby has acne. The baby skin is very sensitive so it’s not recommended to use products against acne.   Solution: breast milk.   The mother should apply a small quantity of her milk on a cotton...

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Because the skin is our foundation, we have to take a good care of it. We should cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin on a daily basis and we should do facials at least once a week. The facials detoxify the skin, can get you rid of acne and pimples and improve the skin’s elasticity. Which facial treatment is better for you?     Rose based facial treatment. The rose is used a lot in cosmetics. Its petals and its water make miracles for the dry and sensitive skin.   Rose based peeling: to prepare it you will need:  ...

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There are many skin conditions to which stress can affect and thus worsen. Among them dryness, acne, rosacea, eczema, skins sensitivity, redness, wrinkles, and you name it… The way stress affects them is that when we are tense, our brain releases cortisol - a stress hormone, that releases oil glands, leading to breakouts. Stress also dilates blood vessels, which in addition can cause redness. The skin becomes dehydrated, sensitive, and more susceptible to damage and premature aging. Not such fun fact is that the levels of our skin's collagen start to decline after we hit age 20, but stress can...

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