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You already know about the importance of eight-hour night sleep however, sometimes that’s not enough if you want to have healthy and hydrated skin, whiter teeth by morning and soft feet... For achieving these you’ll need a bit of beauty sleep treatment during the night. Here are 5 simple beauty treatments that will make you look beautiful while you sleep: Beauty treatment no. 1: For dry, cracked, or calloused feet, there's a simple trick that will fix them fast and it’s called "cotton socks". Apply first a thick layer of moisturizer or vaseline and then put on some old cotton socks. The...

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  To be beautiful and to have radiant and healthy skin requires more then just make up and a daily skin care routine. It doesn’t mean that these are not important but there is also one more thing that is essential for healthy and radiant skin- a good night sleep. Getting a good night sleep should become a part of your beauty regimen, it is a key for radiant and glowing skin and you will finally get rid of the dull skin and the puffy eyes once and for all. So here are some benefits of beauty sleep that you...

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