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There are a lot of people who are beginners when it comes to applying makeup. There are younger ones and older ones. Yes, we know that it’s not an easy thing for you. You don’t know which products you should use and how to use them. You can’t tell if the product is good or not good. But don’t worry. Our guide can help you.     The mascara – your best friend. The mascara is a must! It is a very important product as it accentuates the eyes. Is there someone who doesn’t want to accentuate the eyes? The...

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  Everybody wants to look tanned. If you don’t use self-tanners and if you don’t want to expose your skin on the sun, but, you would like to look tanned, we have found the perfect makeup tricks on how to fake a tan with using only makeup. The makeup is really an art, so with these tricks you can easily fake your tan.     To start, don’t forget to hydrate the skin with your daily cream. On the market we can find colored drops, with which you can color your skin naturally and which don’t contain self – tanners....

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With the introduction of BB, CC and DD creams, it has become easier to even any skin tone within minutes. They offer much more incredible benefits than any foundation but, due to their similar structure it’s very easy to be confused on which product to purchase.   BB CREAM i.e. Beauty Balm Primer Is creamy and moisturizing product that provides full coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and antioxidants. It also offers daily sun protection, extra hydration and moisture, and gives a smooth, even and flawlessly looking skin tone. It is lighter than foundation but, heavier than regular...

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