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  Who doesn’t want a healthy, flawless and acne-free skin? If you already tried different beauty products and none of it is good for your skin, think about trying natural beauty traditions that will help your skin glow but also keep it healthy. The ancient beauty secrets of the East have always been interesting because of their natural approach to skin care. One of these skin care traditions is called Ayurveda an it is 5000 years old. Aryuvedic skincare is natural, pure and chemical free, it has a simple guide for determining whether a beauty product can be used on...

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Long ago, before our modern world was build, ancient people from India created one of the most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems today known as Ayurveda. This ancient healing tradition has a big impact in the world of natural skin care. Ayurveda has sophisticated knowledge of natural skin care — ayurvedic formulations are combinations of different types of herbs that offer the benefits of both synergy and balance, without damaging side effects. But, it is very important to know that, a single herb can have powerful healing properties and if used alone or in inappropriate combinations, sometimes it does...

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