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Audrey Hepburn is an icon of the old Hollywood. She was gracious, gentle with a classical feminine look, always a real lady which inspires us even today. Just like  Marilyn Monroe, she was and will always be a real inspiration for the fashion designers and stylists.  How did she manage to always be beautiful and flawless?     - "For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness". Audrey always wore a red lipstick. It was the most modern lipstick of that era (Marilyn wore it too). But the lipstick is not enough to be beautiful. According to her, one should speak only...

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All women wear makeup in order to look beautiful and to hide the imperfections. But we, the modern women of the 21st century, are not the first ones to wear makeup. Women have worn makeup since the ancient times. Every century had a femme fatal who was the most beautiful one for that time. Cleopatra was between the first women who did their makeup. She is still a synonym for beauty. Not only that she had been doing her makeup, but she also had been doing some beauty treatments to nourish her skin. Nefertiti is also a beauty symbol of...

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