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There are two types of sugar: the one that can be found in the fruits and the refined sugar which can be found in the candy. The natural sugar found in the fruits is not harmful for the skin, nor for the health. When we say that the sugar is bad for both, the organism and the skin, we think of the refined sugar.     - The sugar causes acne. According to some studies, the sugar causes acne. The persons suffering from acne and the ones who have a greater acne problem than the others who don't have a lot...

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The antioxidants are essential for a glowing skin. The external factors, such as the pollution, the tobacco and the stress contribute to the oxidation process of the cells. This process is the process of a premature skin aging. The antioxidants slow down this process of a premature skin aging and help in preventing cancer of the skin. This is why the antioxidants are so important for a proper skin function. We can find them in some foods, dietary supplements or in cosmetic products. Another way of multiplying them is to do sports and to detoxify the skin.     Which...

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