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It is very rare to find cosmetic products which don’t contain allergens. 2% of the consumers are victims of the allergens in the cosmetic products. The allergens can cause irritations and eczema on the skin. Every consumer should be careful and aware of what he/she uses. You should read the content on the cosmetic products.   We have made a small list of allergens found in the cosmetic products:   Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) – this substance is forbidden since 12.02.2017 by the DGCCRF. It can still be found in traces in some cosmetic products. The MIT can cause eczema, because it...

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After the long and cold winter days are over, there is no human on earth that does not rejoice the spring time. However, along with the spring comes the season of allergies. Many people suffer from sneezing, clogged nose and dry throat, and their breathing is completely difficult. Additionally, allergies sometimes come in the worst possible time, when you have an important meeting or you should be at a place where you should look fabulous. But, fortunately, there is a solution for this problem. Here we have 5 tips that can save you in these “swelling” days. Tip No. 1...

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